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Angie Makes Fine Art Photographs - New Jersey Photographer & Artist Angie Tirado

- Creating and offering unique perspectives of the everyday. -

Angie's photography has been primarily focused in and around her local area for the last 10 years. She enjoys capturing mostly peaceful nature scenes, that come from the sunny beaches of the Jersey Shore and the wonderful abundant of nature parks found within Ocean and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey.

She will creatively use photo editing softwares that provides final images sometimes with softness, dark contrast, or textures; she will apply many finishing touches that makes her images of her own vision and interests, with the hope to delight the viewer with a fresh and unique perspective, but yet are still recognizable for their original beauty and the memories that often connect a person to that scene or location.

Angie's body of work is most notably recognized for her well balanced composition and the use of natural light, that offers results that stems from her analytical thinking nature. She primarily shoots in the Spring and the Fall seasons, because they offer the most amount of vibrancy of colors, interests and because they are her favorite times of the year visually and for her to be out centered around the natural beauty mother earth offers us.

She is always happy to hear from her potential buyers or from someone who may be in need of her photography services. Angie is currently accepting opportunities to photograph your pets, your home or your (classic cars, motorcycles, etc) vehicles, or any subject using natural light. All of her services are backed with a money back guarantee. Simply email her with any questions or details, at anytime and she will respond promptly.

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